Oproep voor steun aan Oekraïne

(Dit artikel is ingezonden door Tongelreeper Lou Annas; zijn vrouw komt uit Oekraïne.)

There are many that need support in Ukraine, as well as those refugees forced to leave. We wanted to use our platform at de Tongelreep to raise awareness to local efforts of volunteers to support those in need.

For those interested in helping, we can support via the Foundation of Ukrainians in the Netherlands. They are organizing and transporting aid to those in need.

The detailed website and list can be found at https://help-ukraine.nl/ though we find the most important & practical items to donate are:

- Hygiene and sanitary products, including masks

- Warm men’s clothing, incl. raincoats

- Diapers and baby food

- Non-perishable food (please avoid glass)

- Charged electronic powerbanks

- Flashlights and batteries

- Sleeping bags and outdoor sleeping pads

- Medical supplies (i.e. bandages, gloves, etc.)

Your donations can be brought to the collection point at Maria Stuartstraat 5, Eindhoven. If special arrangement is needed, please contact Lou Annas at 0653737410 to discuss possibilities.

Also good to mention that the local second hand stores are helping local refugees in getting clothing and furniture, so if you have these items, you can also consider to donate the used clothes and furniture here as well. An example can be found at: https://www.hetgoed.nl/verhalen/hulp-aan-vluchtelingen-oekraine

Thanks for your consideration!

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